What items do you like to knit or crochet for gift-giving?
Women's accessories 30.2%
Baby items 28.2%
Holiday decor 23.9%
Kitchen items 17.7%

Total votes: 34214

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One great kit with TWO sets of complete instructions to either CROCHET or KNIT each project!

Annie's, Mail Order & Catalog Shopping, Big Sandy, TX
from our club members

I love the in-look of knit -- but crochet is so much simpler and faster for me that I think it'll always be my favorite.

--Susie, Texas

I was surrounded by knitting growing up. Mom and Grandma used to spend evenings in the den and I would drift off to sleep to the sound of soft voices and needles clicking. When Grandma died I asked for her yarn and needles and I taught myself. Every time I pick up Grandma's needles now, I am comforted as I create beautiful designs just as Grandma did!

--Marie, Georgia

Why does a person choose knitting over crocheting? Or for that matter, choose learning to crochet instead of learning to knit? Why not learn both? Both use yarn and both create some really awesome items!

--Lollie, Nebraska

All the craft supplies* and two easy sets of instructions (one in crochet and one in knitting) for every project are delivered right to your door!
Spend more time stitching to your heart's content!
Now, there are two fast, fun and easy ways to indulge your passion for yarn!
*Knitting needles and crochet hooks not included in kits.

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